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What is Public Service?


Thought about a career in public service? These careers are usually found in governmental and not-for-profit organizations and many require a college degree. To help high school students in the District prepare for public service careers, the Travis County Emergency Services District Number 2 and the FirstIn Pfoundation will sponsor a scholarship program. These scholarships are designed to pay for certain college costs for students who are majoring in an area that would lead to a career in the public service. WHAT KIND OF JOBS ARE


The term public service includes a wide variety of jobs: education, consulting, and non-profits that offer many career choices. One of the most important roles of government is to keep citizens safe. There are many public service jobs in the areas of public safety including, but not limited to: law enforcement, firefighters, emergency management, and disaster response teams. Public Health covers multiple disciplines from medicine to public policy. Managerial or administrative personnel are crucial to the effective operations of local and state governments. The positions can be elected or appointed. Jobs in local public administration include city managers, engineers, county officials, urban planners, and economists. At the federal level jobs include court administrators, budget analysts and bank examiners. Jobs in education include principals, teachers, coaches, and counselors.


Travis County ESD 2 and the FirstIn Pfoundation are sponsoring three $1,000 Public Service Scholarships for graduating high school seniors living in the District and attending Pflugerville High School, Hendrickson High School or Connally High School.

If you are interested in attending college and pursuing a career in public service please submit your application in person or by mail by the deadline of May 8, 2017.

To learn more about the scholarship and eligibility requirements go to: http://www.pflugervillefire.org/index.php/resources/scholarships/public-service-scholarship

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