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Safety / Preparedness

In less than 3 minutes, a small flame can get completely out of control and turn into a major fire.


In this section we have featured several articles, tips, fact sheets, and checklists to help keep you safe.  We have a dedicated Kids Safety page and encourage you to visit that page with your kids.  Click here for Kids Safety information.

Fire Extinguishers: Frequently Asked Questions

How to use an extinguisher, what kind to get, and more! Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) our residents have about fire extinguishers.

Welding and Grinding

The operations are performed in compliance with the following requirements creating a controlled environment and safeguards on each day when operations are performed:

Play It Safe!

The facts you need to know about fire escape planning.

House & Building Fires

A fire can engulf a structure in a matter of minutes. Understanding the basic characteristics of fire and learning the proper safety practices can be the key to surviving a house or building fire.

Exit Drills In The Home (E.D.I.T.H.)

You can survive a fire in your home if you plan and practice your escape.  Click here to download a template to develop your home fire escape plan.

Moving to the Right for Sirens

Learn how you can help firefighters provide emergency assistance as quickly as possible.  

10 Simple Steps to Protect Your Home from Wildland Fire

Wildfire can strike home if you have not taken some steps to protect your house and property. The actions and precautions listed below are designed to help you prepare your home and lessen the threat of wildland fire damage to you and your property.

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